Typically, we imagine driver’s license points as a system to determine when our license is suspended.  Often, it is hard to know how many points you have and what impact, if any, they may have on your record.  If you have ever pondered that, this guide is for you.

In Illinois, a driver receives points on their license for any moving violation with different values depending on severity of the offense.  Illinois is unique however in that the number of points has no relation to whether a driver’s license will be suspended.  Rather, an Illinois driver’s license will be suspended if too many moving violation convictions occur in too short a period of time regardless of point value.  When too many violations occur, the combined point values of the offenses that triggered the suspension are used to determine the length of the suspension term.

Here is a simplified explanation of the three methods for suspending a driver for too many moving violations:

  • A driver is cited and later convicted of TWO moving violations issued both within TWO years of each other and before the driver’s 21st birthday.
  • A driver previously suspended for the above rule is later convicted of ONE new moving issued before the driver’s 21st birthday.
  • A driver is cited and later convicted of THREE moving violations issued both within ONE year of each other and on or after the driver’s 21st birthday.

One of these three rules almost always is at play when discussing whether a driver will be suspended for too many moving violations.  While some moving violations may be easy to identify, it can be risky to make assumptions.  For example, not having headlights, an equipment violation, can be a moving violation while operating an unsafe motor vehicle is not.  Furthermore, there are specific offenses, immediate action offenses, which can trigger a suspension with only a single ticket that we will be discussing tomorrow.  To best protect yourself, seek out a free consultation with a traffic attorney to ensure you know what kind of offense you are facing.


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