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Facing traffic tickets, a traffic court date, or a license suspension?  Take the wheel in protecting your privileges and call for a free consultation with traffic attorney Jason A. Wilkins to put your mind at ease.  We handle traffic tickets all over the Chicagoland region and beyond protecting drivers and their records.

But why hire a traffic attorney?  Why not just mail in the ticket?  For some, this is can be a viable strategy for handling tickets.  For others however, this can lead to higher insurance rates and potentially license suspensions.  Not every ticket is created equally and with the skilled eyes of a traffic attorney at your side, you can ensure your driving privileges are guarded  against harm.   For a glimpse of our commitment to our clients, see what they have to say below.

So whether you are a commercial driver with your livelihood on the line or are being called to traffic court for the first time, we as your traffic attorney are happy to protect you all the way!

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