To set up emailed renewal notices, you can visit and enter your PIN and registration ID. Where do you get these? You can call (217) 785-3000, then option 7. This is the public inquiry section. From here, you can receive your pin and registration ID over the phone if you are listed as an owner of the vehicle, have the license plate number, and can verify your address. After you have these, sign up for emailed renewal reminders.

As for these tickets, most prosecutors are understanding of these tickets and in nearly every county I’ve seen these tickets come up, so long as there was never a suspended registration (a result common with multiple insurance violations), tickets for expired registration are among one of the most often dismissed tickets. If you received a ticket for having expired registration, immediately renew your registration and bring the receipt from your renewed registration to court in addition to a photo of your license plate with the new sticker affixed. In many cases, so long as you fix the issue, most prosecutors are willing to throw out these tickets with proof of compliance and taking these steps gives the best chance of these tickets being dismissed.

Disclaimer: Commentary posted here is general in nature and is not intended to be legal advice specific to any one person’s case. If you have a ticket and would like advice as to the facts of your case, please schedule a consultation so the specifics of your case can be addressed.