As a Traffic Law Firm, we focus exclusively on matters of traffic.  By focusing on traffic matters only, our firm offers a unique representation experience.  We are well versed in the local practices of most of the Chicagoland area and beyond.  With our base of operations in DuPage County, we service all of northeastern Illinois.  We represent clients in DuPage, Will, Cook, Kane, Lake, Kendall, DeKalb, McHenry, LaSalle, and Grundy county.  If you have a case beyond these counties, we can utilize our broad networks to find a local attorney to help you.

Moving Violations

From time to time, we find ourselves facing a traffic ticket.  Some are minor and have little impact on our lives.  Others can make us worry about the impact on our driving privileges and insurance rates.  Some require an attorney to help protect your record from suspension and some don’t.

At our office, we pride ourselves in our thorough free consultations.  We recognize that not every ticket requires an attorney but that it is important for drivers to know how to protect their record.  We promise to be honest in our assessment of whether an attorney is necessary and be transparent about what our firm can offer you so you can feel confident that you have made the right choice.

Accident Citations

As careful as we are, accidents happen.  What happens next can affect your financial well-being and driving privileges.  An accident citation, like other traffic tickets, can be minor or serious.  When serious damage occurs, injuries result, or insurance policies buckle under the weight of policy limits, it is important to know how to protect yourself from costly lawsuits and license suspensions that may result if an accident ticket is not properly managed.

Our office commonly represents clients in accident cases and we are well versed in how to prevent accident tickets from creating civil liability for future litigation.

Commercial License Issues

When your license is your livelihood, it pays to be careful.  Unfortunately, even the best of us make mistakes that can take us off the road.  Whether it is a minor speeding ticket or a hefty overweight fine, you as a commercial driver know how important it is to be proactive when facing traffic violations to protect your career.

At our office, we are familiar with the strict standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  We also understand the harmful impact of moving violations on not only your commercial drivers license but also both you and  your employer’s Department of Transportation Number for insurance rates.  You wouldn’t trust any mechanic to service your work vehicle; why take chances with your livelihood.  Put your trust in a law firm that knows just how important your license is. 

License Reinstatement

Sometimes we take our privileges to drive for granted and learn just how fragile they can be.  Whether you’ve been without a license for years or are facing your very first suspension, the lack of control a license suspension causes can be overwhelming.  Our workplace, families, and others depend on us to drive.  When that ability to provide is threatened, it is crucial that things are set right as soon as possible.

Our law firm is prepared to help to diagnose your license issues.  As part of our consultation, we review your driving record and make a treatment plan to help save your license.  Often, a license suspension can be weeks or days away when you first learn of it. We know how important it is to get things right the first time to minimize or even prevent you being without your driving privileges.  Let us get you back on the road.