Answer: As long as the ticket wasn’t issued for speeding in a school or construction zone and no other tickets were issued, the option to pay online should be available so long as it is isn’t too late.

That said, if the ticket was issued very recently, you won’t likely be able to find it on the clerk of the circuit court’s website (where tickets are routinely paid) because the ticket must physically be delivered to them and manually entered into the database.  For most local cops, they have fairly fast delivery times and can get tickets in often within a few days.  For entities such as the Illinois State Police however, I have personally waited as long as 3 weeks for the tickets to appear in the system.  Regarding the exact amount, you can consult the ticket for these details and call the clerk with your ticket number if the text on the ticket isn’t clear.  They should be able to give a full accounting of what is due.

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