Question Continued:  I am 20 years old and was suspended for receiving a second speeding ticket conviction.  My previous lawyer lifted the suspension and I got supervision with traffic school.  After my supervision ended, I got another ticket for a stop sign violation.  Can I get supervision and traffic school again and how likely is it that I can?

Answer: The answer is sort of. Most prosecutors according to office policy will deny a court supervision request by mail if you have been given a ticket in the past 12 months.  In some cases, this policy is printed on the official court paperwork included with ticket instructions.

That said,  you legally can receive court supervision but you will need to go to court yourself in person or have an attorney appear for you.   Because of your age, you are not legally allowed to get court supervision without traffic school so expect any sentence to include it.  One way to avoid this from happening is to call the clerk and request to continue the court date until after your 21st birthday if you will be 21 soon. At that age,  you are not technically required to complete traffic school in order to receive court supervision.  Whether you receive court supervision depends on the prosecutor mostly.  My recommendation is that you at a minimum schedule a consultation with a traffic attorney.  Anytime drivers have past suspensions and receive moving violations shortly afterwards, there is a very high risk of future license damage that a traffic attorney can help prevent.   Lastly, even though supervision is available for this offense, there are time limits as to how many times you can receive it.  Having an attorney analyze these can help ensure that you are protected.

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