As we continue to shelter-in-place, we once again wish for the continued health and safety of you and your family.  With the March 16th, 2020 closure of all Driver Services Facilities in Illinois, securing needed documents has become a great challenge.  Shortly after shutdown, Secretary of State Jesse White pushed for a delay in implementation of REAL ID Act requirements.  Through these efforts in concert with several other states, the deadline of October 1, 2020 has been extended one year to October 1, 2021.  For many who have found long lines at the DMV seeking REAL ID’s this is welcome news amid the changing times we live in.

For those unaware of the REAL ID Act and what a REAL ID compliant ID means for you, you can see our article discussing the topic in further detail.  We highly recommend checking it out particularly if you are planning air travel so as to not interrupt your trip.

For those of you who have documentation that is set to expire such as driver’s licenses, state ID’s, and license plates, we would recommend our other article discussing extensions the Secretary of State has implemented.  In it, we go over who these changes apply to and how long these extensions will last.

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