Question Cont…: The first one was for speeding and the second one was for having too many passengers in her car.

A. It’s very dangerous for her to continue on this path.  The reason is that under the code, these are both moving violations and receiving too many too quickly can result in a license suspension.  For drivers under the age of 21, they may be suspended if, within a 24 month period, they are issued two moving violation tickets which result in a conviction.  Beyond this, a moving violation conviction will extend the time she cannot have additional passengers in her car further increasing the risk of future tickets.  I would highly recommend speaking to a traffic attorney to see what they can do to get her court supervision at a bare minimum.  This will prevent the conviction on her record, keep your insurance rates down, and minimize the harm to her license.  Due to her age, she must have a parent or guardian present with her in court to plead guilty.

Whatever is done, do not mail in the ticket.  Doing so is an extremely easy way to get convicted with near certainty because of how close the issue date for these tickets are.  Instead, plan to attend traffic court.